Este lugar era el mar.

Last week we visited the Biosphere Reserve in Teohuacán. Yeah, I didn’t really know what it was going to be either. I half expected our rattly 15 passenger van to roll up to something like this: And to maybe even find a couple of stoners trapped inside: But surprisingly there was no modernistic glass bubble …

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I’ve been thinking a lot about inspiration lately. Due to some recent events and, I guess ever since I watched Exit Through the Gift Shop, its been on my mind. The movie alluded a lot to the question of what really qualifies as art, and what is the line between inspiration and plagiarism. Lately, its … Continue reading Inspiración


I’m a week late on this post, but there’s a good reason! Reason #1 is I’ve been making friends here so I’ve been a little busier. Reason #2 is that I’ve been trying to take a photo to share with all of you, but my subject seems to be pretty elusive. Anyway I finally got … Continue reading Coincidencias

South of the border soon to be my inside of the borders. I leave for Mexico in like 15 hours. The contents of my suitcase still just an empty backpack, clothes strewn all over my room, my Obasan’s (grandma’s) birthday party in a few hours.. am I stressing out? Nah. Well maybe a little. There’s a lot to … Continue reading South of the border